Not So Manic Monday

Success isn't overnight. It is little actions that add up every day and get you farther then before.

Hey There!

Manic Monday was a phrase I frequently incorporated into my work week. I joked about it every Monday morning of my corporate career. ( I was the queen of corny sayings) It always felt like that because as I showed up to work I never knew what we were walking into. One of those meetings (that should have been an email), the chaos of what clients might need, the sheer notion of not knowing what the day could bring.

As an entrepreneur, the most important thing you can do is organize your day. Prepare for the week ahead and create a time block to get work done. There are so many important factors that contribute to a successful week –  Here is what I do to prepare for a successful week: 

  • Self Care I know, I know, We’re tired of hearing the cliche saying “fill your cup first,” but the fact is it’s true. I spend time Saturday with friends and family and maybe even brunch Sunday morning. The rest of Sunday is dedicated to relaxing, getting the cleaning done, running errands, doing my nails, or whatever else I might need to personally feel my absolute best. This is a critical step to start the week correctly.


  • Prepare MealsSundays are for meal prep. This is an important step so I don’t spend hours of my week in the kitchen. This has been something I have recently introduced to ensure I have proper nutrition. I have no time for brain fog! I take time to cook up some ground turkey or chicken and prep cauliflower rice. I make sure veggies are accessible.


  • Plan It OutHow will you find time for outreach, marketing, and social media engagement? You have to create a plan. Get into your planner every Sunday and look ahead. What non-negotiable items are on your schedule this week? Where do you need to allow space for friends and family kids? Block out YOU time. Block out your appointments, and make sure to block out time for your business. If you find yourself with an extra hour you were not expecting, do something you love. It takes a little bit of forward-thinking, but it creates space for your week to flow.


  • Delegate or Systematize ItWant to have a smooth week? Make someone else do it LOL but really, Do you ever wonder what it would be like to have a housekeeper? Many entrepreneurs hire housekeepers because they understand the value of time. A house, much like a business is a well-oiled machine. It’s essential to have strong systems and delegate as many tasks as you can as you grow your business. If you are wondering how you can pass off some of the tasks in your business that keep you behind your desk and away from your ideal client then Go to to see if a virtual assistant is just what you need!

Have a wonderful week – and a not so “Manic Monday.”